May 1, 2003
For Immediate Release


Washington, DC - Organizers announced today the creation of the first national fund that will provide for the educational needs of the children of American military personnel who were killed in the war on terrorism.

The formal announcement was made at a press conference in Washington, DC for National Military Appreciation Month which begins May 1st. The press conference was hosted by Representative Duncan Hunter R-CA.

“The Armed Forces Children’s Education Fund, Inc. (AFCEF) is being established to provide financial support for the future educational needs of the children of those U.S. Service Members who gave their lives in the war against terrorism”, said Michael Fleming, a spokesman for the fund.

The fund idea was the brainchild of Alice Wax, who along with her husband, lobbied to have a time during each year devoted to appreciation of our military service members. In 1999, National Military Appreciation Month (NMAM), was signed into proclamation by Congress. NMAM is held each May. Information can be found at

“Last month, I woke up in the middle of the night with this idea to have a fund to help the children of those military men and women who were killed fighting the war on terrorism,” said Wax. “With the help of many people here in Washington, DC and in California, the fund is ready to go. The only thing we need now are donations”, she added.

For information on the fund, go to or mail donations to:
Armed Forces Children's Education Fund, Inc. (AFCEF, Inc.)
P.O. Box 96503#35230
Washington, DC 20090-6503